Garbage Disposals

If you're in need of a repair or replacement to your garbage disposals in South Jersey, reach out to the professionals from Black Horse Plumbing, Heating and Air. We have the experience to properly install your appliances, so call for an estimate today. We guarantee all of our work.

When you calls us for an installation or replacement, you can trust that we know just what to do and how to make sure it is connected right…the first time. Many homeowners purchase plumbing appliances and don’t know how to properly install them. That’s what when it is time to call in a professional.

Our plumbers are well trained. When you need assistance, all you have to do is call Black Horse Plumbing, Heating and Air. You’ll not only be doing yourself a favor, but your home’s plumbing as well. We’ll install your garbage disposal and ensure that it does the job right!

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Common Problems with South Jersey Garbage Disposals:

They don’t turn on – When a disposal doesn’t come on right away, there’s something wrong with its internal workings.

Jam up – Jammed up garbage disposals will do nothing for you. Jams happen when items accidentally find their way down your drain or food and debris accumulate naturally.

Leaks – Unless regularly maintained, anything plumbing-related will start to leak. Unfortunately, many people don’t have their appliances serviced until it’s too late.

Strange noises – if your unit is making strange noises, then there’s a problem somewhere within its depths. Items such as broken glass, metal and bone can be very damaging to the appliances.

Let Black Horse Plumbing, Heating and Air take care of your appliance installation or replacement. We can guarantee the work and back it up 100%. You will never be left without a working New Jersey Garbage Disposal. There’s a reason why people use our services over all the others. Call and find out why!

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