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At Black Horse Pike Plumbing & Heating of South Jersey, we do everything possible to keep your costs down and enable you to take care of plumbing and heating repairs and maintenance in your home.

We participate in numerous programs offered by utility companies in the area:


Black Horse Pike Plumbing Heating is a participating contractor.

PSE&G On Bill Repayment:

  • Customers are eligible for interest free, on bill repayment to help with costs of installation and purchasing of equipment.
  • PSE&G customers can receive up to 25,000 of the total cost for 84 months, 7 years
  • Rebates up to $900 depending on equipment installed
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South Jersey Gas:

Black Horse Pike Plumbing and Heating is a participating contractor.

South Jersey Gas on Bill Repayment:

  • Customers can receive up to $15,000 for 7 years, interest free. (Customer must be current South Jersey Gas customer.)
  • Qualified customers may receive an additional $200 rebates per piece of equipment, plus up to 10 years of interest free loans
  • HVAC equipment rebates up to $1,500
  • Water Heater Rebates up to $500
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Atlantic City Electric:

Black Horse Pike plumbing and heating is a participating contractor

Atlantic City Electric on Bill Repayment:

  • Interest-free loans available for up to 7 years: Minimum loan amount $2,500 max loan amount $15,000.
  • Rebates up to $1,200 Depending on equipment installed.
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